Upon completion of the BDS program, the graduate is able to:

  • PO1 -Demonstrate thorough and sound knowledge of basic and applied sciences with ability to integrate them to be able to effectively deliver treatment to the patient.
  • PO 2 – Reveal skills to arrive at an accurate diagnosis, proficiency in understanding the nature of the disease based on experience and astute in arriving at a decision in planning treatment in the best interest of the patient
  • PO 3 -Exhibit keen interest in participating in research based activities and be updated in scientific advancements and innovations to be able to apply it for the welfare of the community.
  • PO 4 -Display a dynamic nature and own responsibilities for the clinical decisions taken based on the felt needs of the patients and able to communicate effectively with the patients in the regional language to the understanding ability of the patient.
  • PO 5 -Demonstrate sensitivity towards the influence of social, behavioral, economic and cultural background of patients and treat patients with empathy in delivering treatment.
  • PO 6 – Display commitment to the society as a whole and contribute to improvement in oral health care needs of all sections of the society with the knowledge gained in the program.
  • PO 7 – Improve on the need to create an insight into clinical practice management, develop competencies in all aspects of clinical dentistry to deliver health care effectively.
  • PO 8 – Exhibit refined interpersonal skills and join with and collectively work with the fellow clinicians.
  • PO 9 – Demonstrate a temper to continuously keep updating with the latest scientific innovations and digital technology in the best interests to deliver the best possible treatment to patients.
  • PO 10 -Indulge in lifelong learning by being a part of various continuing dental education programs and workshops to enhance the theoretical and practical skills.


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