Department of Prosthodontics

Department of Prosthodontics

The Department of Prosthodontics at Madha Dental College is a branch of dentistry deals with a restoration and maintenance of oral function, health, comfort and appearance by the replacement of missing or lost natural tooth and associated tissue either by fixed or removable artificial substitutes.


Training program

Undergraduate Training Program: To train Undergraduate students in Prosthodontics including Crown & Bridge to achieve knowledge and skill in theoretical and clinical laboratory, attitude, communicative skills, and ability to research with an understanding of social, cultural, education, and environmental background of the society.
Postgraduate Training Program: Postgraduates will be able to provide Prosthodontic therapy for patients with competence and working knowledge with an understanding of applied medical behavioral and clinical science that is beyond the treatment skills of the general BDS graduate and MDS graduate of other specialties to demonstrate evaluative and judgment skills in making appropriate decisions regarding prevention, treatment aftercare and referral to deliver comprehensive care to patients.


Overview of materials for dental applications with special reference to fabrication of various types of prostheses. The following topics covered as follows- Biocompatibility, Physical properties, Mechanical Properties, Metal alloys, Dental Polymers, Impression Materials, Gypsum Products, Dental Waxes, Casting Investments and procedures, Finishing and Polishing materials. Dental Ceramics, Denture base resins, Biomaterials in Dental Implants, Materials for maxillofacial prosthetics, and Materials for post and core.
Adaptability to new methods and techniques in Prosthodontics.


  • Lectures in Prosthodontics, Dental Material Science & Basic Medical subjects
  • Journal Club
  • Seminars
  • Attending conferences & workshops
  • Teaching Skills
  • Evaluation Skills
  • Attending Continuing Dental Education Programme

    Attending Departmental OPD

  • Maintaining Departmental clinical record
  • Attending and treating cases assigned for CD, RPD & FPD
  • Attending and treating special cases
  • Attending and treating special cases
  • Participating in community dental programmes


  • Library Dissertation
  • Final Dissertation
  • GOALS:

    To educate students for a future in teaching, research, and ethical practice and to guarantee that the general public receives high-quality oral health care, integrated teaching and learning programs offer effective educational and evaluation methodologies.



    Training future prosthodontists to treat patients with compassion and care in all aspects of oral and maxillofacial rehabilitation. Community outreach programs that target underprivileged, elderly, and minority populations are also designed to instill a sense of social responsibility and moral superiority.


    A comprehensive program that incorporates teaching and learning procedures tailored for multiple-level exams, fostering self-discipline, and expanding intellectual horizons, also provides execution tools for competency-building and problem-based learning.

    Research and Development:

    Encourage publishing of research, both exploratory and investigative, from students to postgraduates by attending scientific conferences, implementing hands-on training, orientation programs, and continuing dental education programs at various levels; to provide lifelong learning and free exchange of ideas.

    Master of Dental Science Program:

    Ensure that all residents conduct scientific research, defend their findings publicly, submit a thesis, and receive a Master of Dental Science degree upon successful completion.



    • The students are made knowledgeable about the fundamentals, applications, and principles of dental material science.
    • The goal is to impart students the fundamental ideas, knowledge, and skills in prosthodontics needed for patient diagnosis and care. To make treatment plans and diagnose people in need of prosthodontic treatments, aging and elderly patients receiving prosthodontic therapy.
    • The students are made to update by attending education courses, conferences, and seminars on prosthodontics
    • To offer patients a high quality treatment at reasonable price..
    • Ability to diagnose failure restoration and provide prosthetic therapy.


    • Diagnosis and treatment planning of fixed Partial denture
    • Removable partial dentures
    • Complete dentures
    • Implant prosthodontics
    • Maxillofacial prosthodontics
    • Temporomandibular disorders
    • Smile Design


    • Tamil Selvan & Dr. Radhika are  COLLEGE TOPPERS IN MDS FINAL EXAMS conducted in july 2023 , Tamil Nadu   Dr, MGR Medical University
    • Sharmila Hussain, won the best paper award for her presentation in 48th Indian Prosthodontic conference, Nagpur on 28th Dec 2020.
    • I.RAMESH KAARTHICK has enrolled for the fellowship for implants in International Congress of Oral Implantology under the guidance of Dr. Jothikumar Kamalakkanan M.D.S., Director – Panacee Dental at Puducherry
    • Vignesh & Dr. Neya won 3rd Prize SIMSYM 2023 ,Saveetha Dental College
    • Alifia & Dr. Neya won 3rd Prize STATE LEVEL ARTICLE SYMPOSIYM,Thai Mugambigai Dental College and hospital
    • Radhika & Dr. Tamil selvan won 3rd prize “ 10000 Implant Symposium “ Saveetha Dental College
    • Siva Prakash Dhanaraj MDS, Reader – Dept of Prosthodontics , won 2 nd Prize  at SYMSIM – 2022, Dental Implant Symposium held at Saveetha Dental College / Hospital on 29 th October 2022.


    • Undergraduate clinic

    Faculty, professional dentists and specialists supervise our students at all times during their clinical experiences. The students are taught various treatments in dentistry, including Complete denture, Fixed partial dentures and removable partial denture.

    • Postgraduate clinic

    Services are provided for the restoration of natural teeth with crowns and replacement of missing teeth with permanent bridges or implants (fixed prosthodontics) and the design and fabrication of complete, immediate and partial dentures to replace missing teeth (removable prosthodontics).


    • Implant Clinic

    Procedures done in Implant clinic include Diagnosis and treatment planning, Guided implant surgery, followed by implant supported restorations, also Bone Augmentation procedures.

    • Faculty Rooms

    The teachers’ room is the place where staff can relax before or after class, consult with colleagues, plan lessons, discuss educational issues and socialize.

    • Seminar room

    It is a room where a teacher or expert and a group of people meet to study and discuss something:

    • Department library

    Departmental libraries (i.e., Library collection maintained by or for academic departments within faculty) generally are necessary where academic and research units of a University are spread over an extensive campus.


    • Ceramic lab

      It is a lab used by technicians to make biocompatible, lifelike dental restorations like crowns, bridges, and veneers.

    • LAB

    • Casting lab

      In dentistry, casting is the process of converting a detailed wax pattern of a dental restoration into alloy or ceramic. The casting process enables the dentist and dental laboratory to create personalized precision restorations for missing or damaged teeth.

    • LAB

    • Two Preclinical Prosthodontics lab

      Preclinical prosthodontics lab is nothing but place where dental students learn the laboratory steps of fabricating a complete denture on an ideal cast. It includes making:- a. Denture base. b. Occlusal rims.

    • LAB

    • Phantom head Lab

      The phantom head dental simulator is an excellent tool for dental students and professionals looking to improve their skills and knowledge. The screw-mounts base design allows fixing on table, and portable. It is mainly used for Training purpose: various of articulator movement adjustability, cavity preparation,Tooth preparation, etc.


    Dr.Sharmila Hussain. MDS, PhD

    Professor & HOD

    Dr.Vikram. MDS


    Dr.Siva Prakash. MDS


    Dr.Ramesh. MDS


    Dr.Arun. MDS

    Senior Lecturer

    Dr.Kayathri. MDS

    Senior Lecturer

    Dr.Suganthi. MDS

    Senior Lecturer

    Dr.Priyadharshini. MDS

    Senior Lecturer


    S No Title of the projects Principal Investigator
    1 Practitioner’s Awareness on Recent Modalities on Prosthetic Treatment Modalities Dr.Mohamed Bukhary (PG)
    Dr.Ramesh Kaarthick (Faculty)
    2 Social Implications On Prosthodontic Practice During COVID-19 Pandemic Dr.Shwetha Anbarasan (PG)
    Dr. Sharmila Hussain (Faculty)
    3 Evaluation of Resting Position of Tongue in Completely Edentulous and Partially Edentulous Patients Dr.Vignesh Manickam B (PG)
    Dr. Sharmila Hussain (Faculty)
    4 Comparative evaluation of fatigue behavior and surface characteristic of PEKK ,BioHpp PEEK with PMMA resins Dr.Mohamed Bukhary (PG)
    Dr.Ramesh Kaarthick (Faculty)
    5 Comparative Evaluation of Osteoinduction by Zirconium oxide and Titanium Oxide Bone Graft Materials-An In Vitro Study Dr.Shwetha Anbarasan,M (PG)
    Dr. Sharmila Hussain (Faculty)
    6 Comparison of Conventional and Digital Implant Impression for its 3-dimensional accuracy using intra-oral scanner-In vitro study Dr.Vignesh Manickam B (PG)
    Dr. Sharmila Hussain (Faculty)
    7 A Questionaire based survey to assess denture hygiene awareness, attitude, and knowledge of dental practitioners in suburban Chennai. Dr. Alfia Shahin (PG)
    Dr. Sharmila Hussain (Faculty)
    8 Use of Optical scanner in clinical practice among prosthodontists in suburban Chennai. Dr. Kevin Samson (PG)
    Dr Vikram (Faculty)
    9 Knowledge of digital designing of complete dentures among dental practitioners in sub urban Chennai- a questionnaire based survey Dr. A.Neya, (PG)
    Dr. Sharmila Hussain (Faculty)
    10 A short survey on optical scanner Dr.Kevin Samson J, (PG)
    Dr Vikram (Faculty)
    11 Evaluation of Osseointegration with Green Synthesised Nano Hydroxyapatite Surface Coated Dental Implants in Diabetic Patients- A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial. Dr Suganthi Ranganathan (Faculty)
    12 Evaluation of knowledge and awareness of Artificial intelligence in dentistry among dental students and faculty in a dental college- A questionnaire study Dr Suganthi Ranganathan (Faculty)
    13 Management of Post Implant Inferior Alveolar Neuropathy , Utilizing Autologous Fibrin Glue, Concentrated Growth factor and Enriched bone graft matrix. Dr.Siva Prakash Dhanaraj (Faculty)
    14 Prosthodontic management of ridge based digitally planned , guided implants utilizing Paulo Malo concepts Dr.Siva Prakash Dhanaraj (Faculty)


    • S No Title of the Publication Author
      1Textbook of dental materials – Author-Jaypee publications-2004Dr. Sharmila Hussain
      2Textbook of prosthodontics- by Dr.Deepak nallaswamy-Co author- Jaypee publications-2003Dr. Sharmila Hussain
      3Zirconia a bio-inert implant material IOSR J. Dent. Med. Sci 12 (6), 66-67 Dr. Sharmila Hussain
      4Analysis of the curve of Spee and the curve of Wilson in adult Indian population: A three-dimensional measurement study The Journal of the Indian Prosthodontic Society 16 (4), 335 Dr. Sharmila Hussain
      5Assessment of the role of noni (Morinda citrifolia) juice for inducing osteoblast differentiation in isolated rat bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells International journal of stem cells 9 (2), 221-229 Dr. Sharmila Hussain
      6Association of matrix metalloproteinase 1 gene promoter mutation and residual ridge resorption in edentulous patients of South Indian origin Journal of Pharmacy & Bioallied Sciences 7 (Suppl 2), S652 Dr. Sharmila Hussain
      7Prosthodontic management of a completely Edentulous patient with Bell's Palsy Indian Journal of multidisciplinary dentistry 2 (1) Dr. Sharmila Hussain
      8Full mouth rehabilitation of a patient with severely attrited dentition Indian Journal of Multidisciplinary Dentistry 1 (3) Dr. Sharmila Hussain
      9Quality of life in patients with dental prosthesis in south indian population-Chennai, Tamil Nadu: An epidemiological survey International Journal of Dental and Medical Specialty 7 (1), 15-19 Dr. Sharmila Hussain
      10Compare the Translucency of Zirconia Based Ceramics with Different Core and Veneer Thickness Combination: An In Vitro Study Madha Dental College and Hospital, Chennai Dr. Sharmila Hussain
      11Gaeriatric care in institutionalized south indian population-demographic study The Journal of the Indian Prosthodontic Society 18 (Suppl 2), S69 Dr. Sharmila Hussain
      12Effects and Molecular Mode of Action of Noni (Morindacitrifolia) Juice And Its Active Components. research journal of pharmaceutical biological and chemical sciences 7 (2 Dr. Sharmila Hussain
      13Sectional complete dentures with dowel pins for prosthetic management of a microstomia patient R Murali Karthik, S Hussain, P Ariga burns 2, 5 Dr. Sharmila Hussain
      14Morinda Citrifolia Enhances Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cell Proliferation and Facilitates Osteogenesis in Vitro and in VIVO StudyDr. Sharmila Hussain
      15Correlation of mental health and quality of life of completely edentulous patients in suburban Chennai population. International Journal of Scientific Research (IJSR) Dec2022; Vol.11, Issue 12. Dr Vikram
      16Compressive Strength Evaluation between Metal Ceramic and Zirconia Crowns--An In-vitro Study. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development January 2020, Vol. 11, No. 01 Dr Vikram
      17Digital Impressions. Indian journal of public health research &development January 2020, Vol. 11, No. 01Dr Vikram
      18Temporomandibular Disorder in pregnancy. Indian journal of public health research &development January 2020, Vol. 11, No. 01Dr Vikram
      19Modified Impression Procedures for Abnormal Ridges in Complete Dentures: A Review. Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences January 2014, 5(2):1951-1956 Dr Vikram
      20Rehabilitation of a Hemimandibulectomy patient with an overlay denture: A Case report. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic research (JCDR), 2018 September, Vol-12(9):ZD03-ZD05 Dr.Siva Prakash
      21Implant supported prosthesis on edentulous mandible with multiple impacted teeth – A Case Report with 5 year follow up. The Journal of Indian Prosthodontic Society (JIPS) 2019 October, 19, 369-373Dr.Siva Prakash
      22Simplified Digital workflow in partially edentulous implant restorations – A Case Series . Madha journal of Dental and Clinical Research. (MJDCR) Vol 3 , Issue-1 , 2021 Dr.Siva Prakash
      23Correlation of Mental Health and Quality of life of completely edentulous patients in suburban Chennai population - A Questionnaire Study . International journal of Scientific Research (IJSR) Dec 2022; Vol 11, Issue 12 Dr.Siva Prakash
      24A study of relationship between age,gender,and tooth shade value in population of melmaruvathur, Kancheepuram district,tamilnadu. Journal of contemporary dental research 2020 vol-2,issue-2 pg-32 Dr.Ramesh Kaarthick
      25Covid-19 and oral manifestation: current state and Perspective Journal of research and advancement in Dentistry 2021, vol-11,issue 2, pg-183-187 Dr.Ramesh Kaarthick
      26Comparison of reliability and validity of measurements on digital study models made with scan three dimensional smart phone software and plaster models, in vitro study Journal of interdisciplinary dentistry 2021,vol-11,issue-1 Dr.Ramesh Kaarthick
      27Evaluation of fracture resistance of endocrowns fabricated by two different materials of different cavity configurations and luted with two different luting cements- an in vitro study. Specialusis ugdymas 2022 ,vol-1, issue (43) Dr.Ramesh Kaarthick
      28Esthetics, peri implant tissues, implant surface topography , abutment materials, implant supported prosthesis. Journal of contemporary dental research 2022, vol-4, issue-1,pg-11 Dr.Ramesh Kaarthick
      29Evaluation of cutting efficiency between normal tapered diamond points and spiral tapered diamond points through depth cuts- a comparative study. Specialusis ugdymas 2023 vol-1, issue (44) Dr.Ramesh Kaarthick
      30An Awareness and Knowledge of General Dentists Regarding Prosthodontic Protocols During Covid –19 Pandemic. July to December 2022-Vol. 17, Issue-2, (Sept. Addendum-2), Journal of Prosthodontics Dentistry, Page No.-1Dr.Arun
      31Simplified Digital workflow in partially edentulous implant restorations – A Case Series . Madha journal of Dental and Clinical Research. (MJDCR) Vol 3 , Issue-1 , 2021Dr.Arun
      32Prosthetic management of microstomia- an alternative approach -case report Indian journal of research 7 (5), 36-37 Dr.Kayathri
      33Management of cleft palate patient- a case report Indian journal of research 7 (5), 43-44 Dr.Kayathri
      34Management of maxillary single complete denture with high frenal attachment -a case report Indian journal of research 7 (5), 153-156 Dr.Kayathri
      35A comparative evaluation of patient's satisfaction and quality of life and masticatory efficiency with conventional complete denture, single and double implant retained . The Journal of Indian Prosthodontic Society 20 (Suppl 1), S15-S16Dr Suganthi Ranganathan
      36comparison of various cold sterilization techniques on routinely used carbide burs and diamond points International Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry 7 (3), 97-102 Dr Suganthi Ranganathan
      37Cissusquadrangularis and its medicinal applications - A Review International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education 14 (5), 8043-8055Dr Suganthi Ranganathan
      38Comparative evaluation of fracture strength and accuracy of marginal fit of restorations fabricated using Ceromer and PEEK in KLE.KLE Dental journal 2017Dr Suganthi Ranganathan
      39Digital smile designing – the way go digital , A case report - KLE Dental Journal 6 (2) Dr Suganthi Ranganathan



    Dr.Sharmila hussain Ph.D in Prosthodontics obtained degree from Bharath university in 2017. Main domain of interest –Regenerative medicine-Stem cell research. Currently guiding Ph.D scholars as Doctural committee member in various universities-VIT Vellore,SRM Kattangulathur,SRM Ramapuram, Saveetha university, MAHER University, Annamalai University, Bharath University.

    DR. I.RAMESH KAARTHICK has enrolled for the fellowship for implants in International Congress of Oral Implantology under the guidance of Dr. Jothikumar Kamalakkanan M.D.S., Director – Panacee Dental at Puducherry

    Dr Suganthi Ranganathan is doing Ph,D in saveetha dental college Evaluation of Osseointegration with Green Synthesised Nano Hydroxyapatite Surface Coated Dental Implants in Diabetic Patients- A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial.



    Dr.Sharmila Hussain has won best in session prize in Faculty paper presentation at the 40th IPS National virtual conference 2020 ,Nagpur

    IInd BEST PAPER AWARD (FACULTY CATEGORY) SYMSIM-2022 Dr. Siva Prakash Dhanaraj MDS, Reader – Dept of Prosthodontics , won 2 nd Prize at SYMSIM – 2022, Dental Implant Symposium held at Saveetha Dental College / Hospital on 29 th October 2022.

    Dr Suganthi Ranganathan is doing Ph,D in saveetha dental college Evaluation of Osseointegration with Green Synthesised Nano Hydroxyapatite Surface Coated Dental Implants in Diabetic Patients- A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial.


    Dr. Tamil Selvan & Dr. Radhika College Toppers in MDS Final Exams Tamil Nadu Dr, MGR Medical University

    Dr. Vignesh & Dr. Neya, 3rd Prize, SIMSYM 2023 at Saveetha Dental College

    Dr. Alifia & Dr. Neya 3rd Prize STATE LEVEL ARTICLE SYMPOSIYM Thai Mugambigai Dental College and hospital

    Dr. Radhika & Dr. Tamil selvan 3rd prize “ 10000 Implant Symposium “ Saveetha Dental College

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    Denture camp


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