Research Projects


S No Year Principal Investigator Project Title Department Duration of the Project
1 2022-2023 Dr. S. Karthik A Retrospective Study On The Assessment Of Anterior And Posterior Cranial Bases And Sella Turtica For Local Population As Seen In Class I Skeletal And Dental Malocclusion. Orthodontics 1 Year
2 2022-2023 Dr Veronica Aruna Kumari Exploring the Future of Dentistry: AI-aided Diagnosis of Dental X-rays Vs. Human Expertise Endodontics 1 Year
3 2022-2023 Dr.Susila Anand Biomimetic Remineralization of dentinal caries guided by serine-in vitro study Endodontics 1 Year
4 2022-2023 Dr Sai Shamini efficacy of Citrus limetta peel extract, an emulsion of Citrus limetta peel extract and peppermint oil as potential solvents for AH Plus endodontic sealer, compared to chloroform – sealer solvent. Endodontics 1 Year
5 2022-2023 Dr. E. Arun Virtual reality visionaries vs Audio visual maestros – Decoding the ideal distraction technique Pedodontics 1 Year
6 2022-2023 Dr. C.G. Madhan Comparative evaluation of anxiety level in children treated in regular dental environment and sensory adapted dental environments Pedodontics 1 Year
7 2022-2023 Dr. Adithya Arumugam Comparing The Efficacy Of Simvastatin Versus Acemannan In Bone Regeneration And Soft Tissue Healing In Extracted Sockets Of Mandibular Third Molars – A Third Molar Rct Oral Surgery 2 Years
8 2022-2023 Dr. Aparanaa.M Comparing The Efficacy Of Chitosan Coated Titanium Dental Implants And Conventional Titanium Dental Implants – And In Vivo Study Oral Surgery 2 Years
9 2022-2023 Dr. Parvathi. K Cephalometric Comparison Of Soft Tissue Changes In Class Ii Division 1 Patients Following Extraction And Non-Extraction Treatment (Invitro) Orthodontics 2 Years
10 2022-2023 Dr. Selva Priya Comparative Evaluation Of Four Different Obturating Techniques In Primary Teeth: An In- Vivo Study Pedodontics 2 Years
11 2022-2023 Dr. Vignesh Manickam Comparison Of Conventional And Digital Implant Impression For Its 3-Dimensional Accuracy Using Intra Oral Scanners -Invitro Study Prosthodontics 2 Years
12 2022-2023 Dr. Mohammed Bukhary Comparative Evaluation Of Fatigue Behavior And Surface Characteristic Of Pekk ,Biohpp Peek With Pmma Resins Prosthodontics 2 Years
13 2022-2023 Dr. Shwetha Anbarasan Comparative Evaluation Of Osteo Induction By Zirconium Oxide And Titanium Oxide Bone Graft Materials-An In Vitro Study Prosthodontics 2 Years
14 2022-2023 Dr. J Sarvesh Kumar Comparative Evaluation Of Socket Preservation With And Without Freeze Dried Bone Allograft Following Tooth Extraction-A Clinico -Radiographic Study Periodontics 2 Years
15 2022-2023 Dr. R Bhuvaneshwari Comparative Evaluvation Of Effciacy Of Aloe Vera Gel And Grape Seed Gel In Laser Assisted Scaling And Root Planing In The Management Of Chronic Periodontitis -A Double Blind Study Periodontics 2 Years
16 2022-2023 Dr. Loshini Raj Clinical Evaluation Of Two Proximal Contour Finishing Systems Endodontics 2 Years
17 2022-2023 Dr. Guru Swathy.R Effectiveness Of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (Tens) In Mpds Patients Oral Medicine 2 Years
18 2022-2023 Dr. Devi. S Assessment Of Anatomical Variations In Maxillary Sinus Using Cbct -A Retrospective Study Oral Medicine 2 Years
19 2022-2023 Dr. Surya.K Comparative Evaluation Of Dentin Bio-Modifiers In Conservative Dentistry And Endodontics Endodontics 2 Years
20 2022-2023 Dr. Sivapriya. U Comparative Evaluation Of Perception Of Discomfort, Separation Efficiency And Bacterial Colonization Of Four Different Orthodontic Elastomeric Separators – In Vivo Orthodontics 2 Years


S No Year Principal Investigator Project Title Department Duration of the Project
1 2023-2024 Dr. Raga Nivedha.R Novel Indigenous Calcium Silicate Cement With Added Additives To Improve Bioactivity Endodontics 2 Years
2 2023-2024 Dr. Kumaresh.P Analysis Of Tobacco Usage, Risk Factors, Nicotine Dependence And Exhaled Carbon Monoxide Level Among Government Bus Drivers In Chennai-A Cross Sectional Study Public Health Dentistry 2 Years
3 2023-2024 Dr. G.Abirami Evaluation Of Effect Of Intrapocket Medicamentation Of Chitosan Gel Vs Chlorhexidine Gel In The Management Of Chronic Periodontitis-A Clinico-Microbiological Study Periodontics 2 Years
4 2023-2024 Dr. Princy Annuncia.E Comparative Evaluation Of Penetration Depth, Marginal Adaptation And Microleakage Between Conventional, Hydrophilic And Bioactive Pit And Fissure Sealants In Extracted Third Molars– An In-Vitro Study Public Health Dentistry 2 Years
5 2023-2024 Dr. Vigneshwaran.J Evaluation And Assessment Of The Ethmoid Bone And Location Of Anterior Ethmoidal Artery Using Cone Beam Computed Tomography (Cbct) – A Cross-Sectional Study . Oral Medicine 2 Years
6 2023-2024 Dr. Deetchadha Expression Profile Of Micro-Rna-486-3p In Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients Exposed To Smoking Habit- A Case Control Study Oral Pathology 2 Years
7 2023-2024 Dr. Abisha Varghese Randomised Controlled Trial In Management Of Root Caries Using Different Protocols Endodontics 2 Years
8 2023-2024 Dr. Neya .A Comparative Evaluation Of Color Stablity In 3d Printed Denture Base Material And Conventional Denture Base Material After Immersion In Different Coloring Agents- An Vitro Study Prosthodontics 2 Years
9 2023-2024 Dr. Kevin Samson J Comparative Evaluation Of Marginal Fit Of Provisional Crowns Fabricated By Cad-Cam And Conventional Technique An In Vitro Study Prosthodontics 2 Years
10 2023-2024 Dr. Alfia  Shahin.T Comparative Evaluation Of Wettablity Of Three Salivary Substitues On Three Denture Base Resins Prosthodontics 2 Years
11 2023-2024 Dr. Kamal Deepa.S In Vitro Comparison Of  Gloss And Surface Roughness Among Two Different Pediatric Dental Crowns Pedodontics 2 Years
12 2023-2024 Dr. Vasumathi.D Comparison Of Cariogenic Potential Of Commonly Used Infant Milk Formulas – An Vitro Study Pedodontics 2 Years
13 2023-2024 Dr. Viji Vinnarasi Comparative Evaluation Of ` Different Tooth Colored Restorative Materials  Over  Silver Diamine Fluoride Pedodontics 2 Years
14 2023-2024 Dr. Mary Grace Comparative Evaluation Of Two Different Distraction Techniques In Dental Anxiety And Pain During Maxillary Infiltration And Inferior Nerve Block Administration Among 6-11 Year Old Children Pedodontics 2 Years
15 2023-2024 Dr. Mohammed Bilal Sheriff In Vivo-Evaluation Of A Novel Bioactive  Restorative Resin In Proximal Restorations  Of Primary Molars-A Comparative Study Pedodontics 2 Years
16 2023-2024 Dr. R.Pragatheeswari Evaluation Of Genotoxic And Cytotoxic Effects Of X Ray In Buccal Epithelial Cells Following Panaromic Radiography Oral Medicine 2 Years
17 2023-2024 Dr. Sai Shamini Novel instrument retrieval technique – Invitro Volumetric analysis by CBCT & time taken for retrieval Endodontics 1 Year
18 2023-2024 Dr. V Susila Anand Comparison of cyclic fatigue resistance of three different rotary NiTi systems- An in- vitro study Endodontics 1 Year
19 2023-2024 Dr. Veronica Aruna Kumari Comparative evaluation of antibacterial effectiveness of herbal root canal irrigants Nigella sativa seedextract, Cassia auriculata flower extract and 5.2% sodium hypochlorite against Enterococcus faecalis & Streptococcus mutans: an in-vitro study Endodontics 1 Year
20 2023-2024 Dr. Kavitha. M Computer aided age estimation by measuring Pulp: Tooth Area Ratio. A retrospective study Oral Medicine 1 Year
21 2023-2024 Dr. N. Gautham Kumar Prevalence Of Periodontitis And Its Association With The Risk Of Metabolic Syndrome In Chennai City.- An Epidemiological Study Periodontics 1 Year
22 2023-2024 Dr. Arun Comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of Conventional And customized cartoon Syringes Among Pediatric Patients During intra oral Local Anesthesia Administration Pedodontics 1 Year
23 2023-2024 Dr. J. Aarthi Dens In Dente A Genetic Spark Pedodontics 1 Year
24 2023-2024 Dr. Sarumathi T Evaluating Positional Errors In Digital Orthopantomogram – A Retrospective Study Oral Medicine 1 Year
25 2023-2024 Dr. preethi A cephalometric study for evaluation and comparison of the cranial base angles and cranial base length and the effective maxillary and mandibular lengths in class I, class II, and class II subdivision malocclusion among male and female adults in Kundrathur population Orthodontics 1 Year
26 2023-2024 Nanda Balan Preventive Effect of Fluoridated and Fluoride Free Toothpastes on Enamel Erosion caused by Industrialized Sports Drinks: An In Vitro Study Public Health Dentistry 1 Year

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