Department of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry

Department of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry

The Department of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry at Madha Dental College specializes in providing comprehensive oral health care for infants and children and those with special health care needs.


Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs:

The department offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs nurturing the students with exceptional theoretical knowledge and proficient training in treating pediatric patients.

Research Training:

The department believes that it is pertinent to conduct research in areas that benefits the pediatric population. Studies on effective distraction techniques, restorative and obturating materials, crowns and minimally invasive techniques form an integral part of the post graduate curriculum. Alongside these, various short studies are being conducted in the department.


Community Outreach Programs

The department conduct periodic awareness, diagnosis and treatment camps at nearby schools and children’s homes. The postgraduate students along with faculty members are involved in these camps. Minimal treatment wherever indicated is carried out at these camps with the use of mobile dental compressor unit.


  • To conduct a CDA-accredited advanced education program in pediatric dentistry that adheres to the approved standards.
  • To prepare graduates for a career in the specialty of pediatric dentistry with an emphasis on clinical practice.
  • To prepare graduates for the certification examinations of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.
  • To produce a pediatric dental specialist competent in the prevention and management of orofacial health problems as defined by the scope of practice.
  • To stimulate the student’s desire for creativity, inquiry, and critical thinking necessary for the advancement of the specialty.


  • Create not only a good oral health in the child but also a good citizen tomorrow.
  • Instill a positive attitude and behavior in children
  • Understand the principles of prevention and preventive dentistry right from birth to adolescence
  • Guide and counsel the parents in regards to various treatment modalities including different facets of preventive dentistry
  • Prevent and intercept developing malocclusion



  • Colorful, Vibrant and Patient-friendly ambience
  • Exclusive Pediatric Dental Chairs
  • Periodic Awareness, Diagnosis and Treatment Camps at nearby schools and children’s homes.
  • Treatment under General Anesthesia for children who lack cooperative ability.


  • Patient-friendly environment with competent Pediatric dentists offering excellent and appropriate behaviour management techniques.
  • Imparting the importance of Preventive Dentistry.
  • Oral Health Education & Promotion.



  • Child-friendly, colorful dental environment
  • Appropriate patient selection and comprehensive full mouth rehabilitation under General anesthesia.
  • Separate undergraduate and postgraduate clinics
  • Phantom head model labs for preclinical work




Dr.Arun.E, MDS

Professor and HOD

Dr. Madhan CG, MDS


Dr. Aarthi J, MDS


Dr. RP Ramadevi, MDS

Senior Lecturer

Dr.A. Packialakshmi, MDS

Senior Lecturer

Dr.V. Dharini, MDS

Senior Lecturer

Dr. GR Jerisha, BDS



S No Title of the projects Principal Investigator
1 In vivo-evaluation of a novel bioactive restorative resin in proximal restorations of primary molars-a comparative study Dr. Bilal Sheriff
2 Comparative evaluation of two different distraction techniques in dental anxiety and pain during maxillary infiltration and inferior nerve block administration among 6-11 year old children Dr. Mary Grace
3 Comparative evaluation of ` different tooth colored restorative materials over silver diamine fluoride Dr. Viji Vinnarasi
4 Comparison of cariogenic potential of commonly used infant milk formulas - an vitro study Dr. Vasumathi
5 In vitro comparison of gloss and surface roughness among two different pediatric dental crowns Dr. Kamal Deepa
6 Comparative evaluation of Four different obturating techniques in primary teeth : An in-vivo study Dr. Selva Priya


  • Year 2023

    S No Title of the Publication Author
    1Assessment Of Oral Hygiene Knowledge, Practices & Attitude Towards The Professional Dental Care Among Narikuravar Children In Tirunelveli District, Tamilnadu-A Cross Sectional Study. Journal for Re Attach Therapy and Developmental Diversities.2023; 887-895Dr. Arun E Dr. Madhan CG Dr. A Packialakshmi Dr. Dharini
    2An evaluation of the interproximal contacts of the permanent dentition - A study cast based classification. Kailasam V, Muthu M, Rao U et al. Wellcome Open Res 2023, 8:176Dr. Aarthi J
    3Sedative Agents in Minor Paediatric Oral Surgical Procedures- A Narrative Review. DRRP International Journal of Contemporary Dental Research (IJCDR) 1 (1), 14-20Dr. Dharini Dr. Aarthi Dr. Madhan CG Dr. A Packialakshmi
  • Year 2022

    S No Title of the Publication Author
    1Intra oral malignant glomus tumour. Journal of Oral and maxillofacial pathology, 2022;26:259-62Dr. Arun E
    2A case series on Personalized Pediatric Posterior Zirconia Crowns. International Journal of Pedodontic Rehabilitation 2022;7(2):46-50Dr. Arun E
    3Modified OXIS Classification for Primary Canines. Wellcome Open Res. 2022 Jun 10;7:130. doi: 10.12688/wellcomeopenres.17775.2. PMID: 35975272; PMCID: PMC9358489.Dr. Aarthi
    4Sustainable development goals and ending ECC as a public health crisis. Front Public Health. Front Public Health. 2022 Oct 18;10:931243. doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2022.931243. PMID: 36330110; PMCID: PMC9624450.Dr. Aarthi
    5An Assessment Of Bacterial Load Of Toothbrush Kept Inside And Outside The Bathroom- a Comparitive In Vitro Study. International Journal Of Research And Development 2022;12(2):1-8Dr. Dharini
    6A Narrative review on hall’s techniqueDr. Dharini Dr. Aarthi Dr. A Packialakshmi Dr. Rama Devi
    7Assessment of occlusal fissure morphology in deciduous molar teeth. International Journal of Medical Science and Advanced Clinical Research (IJMACR) 2022; 5(2): 37-44.Dr. Dharini
  • Year 2021

    S No Title of the Publication Author
    1Comparision of anesthetic efficacy of warm and conventional 2% lignocaine solution using insulin syringe in maxillaryprimary molars: A Randamized control trial. University Journal of Surgery and Surgical Specialities 2021, Vol 7(5) (TN Dr. M.G.R Medical University, Chennai, TamilnaduDr. Arun E Dr. A Packialakshmi
    2Assessing the attitude of parents towards various behavior management techniques. used during pediatric dental treatment: A cross sectional study. Journal of clinical and diagnostic research, 2021 Sep, Vol-15(9);ZC35-ZC40.Dr. Arun E Dr. Madhan CG
    3Minidam-A Miniature To Isolation. International Journal Of Scientific And Research Publications 2021;11(5):229-230Dr. Dharini
  • Year 2020

    S No Title of the Publication Author
    1An In-Vitro comparative evaluation of two different fluoride varnishes in the remineralization of artificial caries lesions on human primary and permanent teeth. University Journal of Surgery and Surgical Specialities 2020 Vol 6(8) (TN Dr. M.G.R Medical University, Chennai, Tamilnadu)Dr. Arun E Dr. Madhan CG Dr. KP Ramadevi
  • Year 2019

    S No Title of the Publication Author
    1Assessment of oral health status and treatment needs of adolescent salt Pan workers in Marakkanam, Villupuram District, Tamilnadu. Madha Journal of Clinical and Dental Research 2019; Vol 1(1);8-10Dr. Arun E Dr. Madhan CG
  • Year 2018

    S No Title of the Publication Author
    1Comparative evaluation of Endovac and Conventional irrigating syringe on apical extrusion in primary molars. An in vitro study. The Journal of Clinical pediatric Dentistry 2018;42(5);355-360.Dr. Arun E Dr. Madhan CG



Dr Mary Grace III year PG

1st place – Paper Presentation  at  44th ISPPD Conference, Ahamedabad

Dr Bilal Sheriff

2nd Place – Poster Presentation at PEDOPULSE 2023 , SRM katangalathur dental college

Dr Bilal Sheriff

3rd  place – paper presentation at PEDOFEAST 2023, Adhiparasakthi Dental college and Hospital

Dr Selvapriya

Winner – Debate At UPDATES 2023 , Sathyabama Dental college and hospital

Dr Kamaldeepa

1st place – Poster Presentation  at  44th ISPPD Conference, Ahamedabad

Events & Scientific Presentations

CDE Program – “Invade Early, Invade Less” - 24/01/2023

Children’s Day Programme – New Hope New Life – 12/11/2022

Children’s Day Programme – Children from “THE MEGHA FOUNDATION – SARANLAYA HOME” – 18/11/2023


Dr. Arun - Key Note Speaker

Dr. Arun E- Keynote speaker at CDE program, conducted by Department of Pediatric dentistry SRM Dental College on 30/03/2023, delivered a guest lecture on the topic “Non-Pharmacological Behaviour Management Techniques”.

Dr. Aarthi J - Key Note Speaker

Dr. Aarthi J – Keynote speaker in a Workshop conducted by Department of Pediatric dentistry, Ramachandra dental college – “Modified OXIS”, OXIS studies – Dissemination Workshop on 30th August 2023.

Dr. Aarthi J - Key Note Speaker

Dr. Aarthi J – Keynote Speaker at Sri Ramachandra Dental College, delivered a guest lecture on the topic “OXIS with a Twist” on 5th October 2022.

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