Upon completion of MDS program, the graduate is able to:

  • PO 1 – Demonstrate explicit knowledge and in depth understanding of the speciality of dentistry which they have mastered and acquired in the post graduation study period.
  • PO 2 – Recognize various pathologies related to diagnosis, and perform treatment specifically with enhanced clinical acumen and skill they have developed in the post graduation period.
  • PO 3 – Exhibit research astuteness and scientific understanding of the various disease aspects and develop and organize research programs to enhance the knowledge about the latest treatment developments in their specialities.
  • PO 4 – Excel in clinical decision making and problem solving in the various modalities of treatment in the best interest of the patient.
  • PO 5 – Able to formulate a comprehensive treatment plan for patients based on the interaction with professionals of the inter-disciplinary units to improve the quality of treatment rendered to the patient.
  • PO 6 – Demonstrate sensitivity towards the influence of social, behavioral, economical and cultural background of patients and treat patients with empathy in delivering treatment.
  • PO 7 – Improve on the need to create an insight into clinical practice management, develop competencies in all aspects of clinical dentistry to deliver health care effectively.


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