Department of Public Health Dentistry

Department of Public Health Dentistry

The Department of Public Health Dentistry at Madha Dental College aims to address oral health at a population level, emphasizing prevention, education, and community outreach.


Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs:

The department offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs, indicating a comprehensive approach to dental education.

Community Outreach and Treatment:

The department organizes dental camps and outreach programs to provide dental care and treatment to communities that may have limited access to dental services. This is particularly important for addressing the needs of underserved populations. The department is committed to serving the community and addressing oral health disparities.

Awareness Activities:

The department engages in activities aimed at raising awareness about the importance of oral health, its connection to overall well-being and preventing oral diseases. This includes organization of educational campaigns, programs and workshops within the college and the surrounding community to inform the public about good oral health practices.

Satellite Clinics:

The department has two fully equipped and operational satellite clinics, located at Nandambakkam and Anakaputhur to serve the underserved populations in those areas. These clinics are strategically positioned within a 10-kilometer radius of the college, likely to ensure accessibility for patients.

Tobacco Cessation Clinic:

The Tobacco Cessation Clinic offers tailored assistance for quitting tobacco, providing counselling, education on health risks, personalized quit plans, medication recommendations, group counselling, follow-up sessions, relapse prevention strategies, and coordination with healthcare providers for related health concerns.

Research Training:

The department conducts research to gather data on oral health trends, risk factors, and the effectiveness of preventive measures. This information helps in developing evidence-based strategies for oral health promotion. The department places significant emphasis on developing research skills among dental students, which can contribute to advancements in the field of public health dentistry.


  1. Community Education and Awareness:

Increase oral health literacy and awareness in the community through targeted educational programs, promoting preventive measures and healthy behaviors.

  1. Access to Dental Services:

Improve access to dental care by implementing outreach initiatives and collaborating with healthcare providers, ensuring equitable distribution of oral health services, especially among underserved populations.

  1. Disease Prevention and Surveillance:

Implement effective preventive measures, such as fluoride treatments and sealants, while monitoring oral health trends through epidemiological surveillance to identify and address prevalent dental diseases in the community.


  1. Develop Educational Programs:

Design and implement targeted educational programs to increase oral health awareness, emphasizing preventive measures and promoting healthy oral hygiene practices within the community.

  1. Expand Outreach Initiatives:

Extend outreach initiatives to underserved populations, collaborating with community organizations to enhance access to dental services, providing education, and facilitating preventive interventions.

  1. Implement Preventive Measures:

Execute preventive measures such as community water fluoridation, dental sealant programs, and screenings, focusing on reducing the incidence of dental diseases and promoting overall oral health.

  1. Establish Surveillance Systems:

Develop and maintain robust epidemiological surveillance systems to monitor oral health trends, identify emerging issues, and guide evidence-based interventions to address prevalent dental diseases.

  1. Enhance Collaboration with Healthcare Providers:

Strengthen partnerships with healthcare providers, dental professionals, and relevant stakeholders to ensure a coordinated approach in improving access to dental services and implementing comprehensive public health strategies.



  • Extensive outreach program benefiting more than 15000 patients
  • Outreach among Special needs population via the program “Reaching the unreached”.
  • Multidisciplinary Research activities.
  • Urban satellite centres for clinical training.
  • Collaborations with other stakeholders.


  • Community Based Dental Care
  • Epidemiological Research
  • Preventive Dentistry
  • Oral Health Education & Promotion
  • Policy Advocacy


  • Postgraduate Kumaresh P won the Best Paper Presentation in the 27th National IAPHD Conference @ SGT University, Gurugram held on December 1st – 3rd 2023.
  • Department of Public health dentistry conducted the Clinical Society Meeting in August 2023 held in Madha Dental College & Hospital.
  • World No Tobacco Day – An oral health screening, education and awareness program was held in New Chennai Deaddiction and Rehabilitation Center, Mangadu on 31st May 2023.
  • Postgraduates Princy Annuncia & Dr. Kumaresh P won the Best poster awards at the State Level Article Symposium 2023 held at Thai moogambikai Dental College, Chennai in March 2023.
  • Anti Drug Awareness Rally was held on 11th January 2023 and several Anti Drug awareness programs were held at the Madha Dental College Campus between January 2023 to September 2023.


Mobile Dental Clinic

A mobile dental van is equipped to screen under-served rural and urban communities for common oral health conditions and to raise awareness. The Mobile Dental Clinic has two dental chairs in the treatment area. It is specifically designed to travel on narrow roads in rural communities.

Tobacco Cessation Clinic

The Tobacco Cessation Clinic is an initiative of the Dept of Public Health Dentistry in association with the Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, where Tobacco cessation counselling will be provided to patients who want to quit tobacco usage. The TCC is equipped with a Carbon Monoxide breath Analyzer and multiple audio visual aids for counselling of patients.

Peripheral Centers

The peripheral centers affiliated with the Department of Public Health Dentistry at Madha Dental College & Hospital serve as crucial extensions, addressing oral healthcare needs within the local community. These centers act as accessible hubs, strategically positioned to provide essential dental services to the surrounding population. With a focus on preventive care, community outreach programs, and oral health education, these centers play a pivotal role in promoting overall well-being. By actively engaging with the community, the peripheral centers contribute significantly to enhancing oral health awareness and ensuring comprehensive dental care for the region. Through their dedicated efforts, these centers uphold the institution’s commitment to advancing public health dentistry.


Dr. Nandabalan I, MDS

Professor & HOD

Dr. Zoha Abdullah, MDS


Dr. Arun Kumar, MSc, MDS


Dr. Elakiya S, MDS

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Canty Sandra, MDS

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Rajkumar C, MDS

Senior Lecturer


S No Title of the projects Principal Investigator
1 Analysis of tobacco usage, risk factors, nicotine dependence and exhaled carbon monoxide level among government bus drivers in Chennai – A cross sectional study Dr. Kumaresh P (PG Student)
2 Comparative evaluation of penetration depth, marginal adaptation and micro leakage between conventional, hydrophilic and bioactive pit and fissure sealant in extracted third molars – an in vitro study. Dr. Princy Annuncia E (PG student)
3 Knowledge and attitude towards de-professionalization among dental health professionals. Dr. Princy Annuncia E (PG student)
4 Tobacco use and associated factors among general population in Chennai, India. Dr. Kumaresh P (PG Student)
5 Distribution and determinants of the use of cool lip (filtered khaini) and its oral implications among school children aged 12-15 years in Chennai, India. Dr. Arun Kumar S (Faculty)
6 Knowledge of ameloglyphics and forensic dentistry among dental students in Chennai, India. Shakthi, Sheeba, Sindhu & Siva (3rd Year UG)
7 Knowledge and practice of Biomedical waste management among health care students in Chennai, India. Sneha, Sowmya & Sridharshini (3rd Year UG)
8 Knowledge of the application of stem cell therapy in oral health among dental students in Chennai, India. Umar Farooq (3rd Year UG)
9 Knowledge and Awareness of oral health care in pregnant women among dental students in Chennai, India. Vaishnavi, Varshini, Venmathi (3rd Year UG)
10 Awareness of dental material toxicity among dental students in Chennai, India. Vikramathithan, Vignesh, Vinithra, Vidula K (3rd Year UG)
11 Comparative analysis of self medication among dental, nursing and physiotherapy students in Chennai, India. Youkith K, Vishnu & Yuvashree (3rd Year UG)
12 Knowledge of dental students about application of digital technology in Chennai, India. Brindha, Dashika, Devika (3rd year UG)
13 Evaluation of knowledge, attitude and practice of placebo effect of NSAIDs among dental students in Chennai, India. Suryaprakash, Susan, Sumaiya, Thamizhvani (3rd Year UG)
14 Prevalence of periodontitis among 35-44 years old adults in Tamil Nadu – a systematic review. Stebhi, Sudharshan, Swetha (3rd Year UG)
15 Evaluation of the complications of root canal treatment done by UG dental students in Chennai, India. Maimoona, Sajitha, Mirdhulla (3rd Year UG)
16 Knowledge, Attitude and practice towards internet usage and artificial intelligence (AI) among dental students in Chennai, India. Nithya, Nandini, Nivedha (3rd Year UG)
17 Knowledge, awareness and practices on medical emergencies among dental students in Chennai, India. Reshma, Ruthran, Sabari, Sai Pradeepa (3rd Year UG)
18 Preventive effect of Fluoridated And Fluoride free toothpastes on Enamel erosion caused by Industrialized sports drinks: An In Vitro Study Dr. Princy Annuncia E (PG student)
19 Comparison of Remineralizing potential of silver diamine fluoride, NovaMin, and Silver fluoride using confocal laser microscopy - An in vitro study. Dr. Kumaresh P (PG student)
20 Knowledge of genes responsible for dental caries among dental students. Arthi B, Ananya B, Arikaran R (3rd Year UG)


  • 2023 Publications

    S No Title of the Publication Author
    1Oral View of Chronic Renal Failure – A Cross Sectional Study. J Oral & Maxillofac Path. September 2023; 14(2):167-70.Dr. Arun Kumar
    2Barriers for utilization of orthodontics services among dental students and outpatients attending tertiary care public dental hospital in Chennai city – A cross sectional study. J Clin Otorhinolaryngology, Head and neck Surg 2023; 27 (1): 1180-89.Dr. Indira N
  • 2022 Publications

    S No Title of the Publication Author
    1Comparative Analysis On Perception And Knowledge Of Palliative Medicine Among Dental and Medical Professionals in Chennai City, India-A Cross Sectional Study. Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results 2022, 3908-3914Dr. Aravinth V
    2Ranking the Systematic Review Published in the field of Dental Caries- A Critical appraisal by Amstar Tool. EPRA International Journal of Research and Development (IJRD) 2022; 7(7):201-6.Dr. Lubna Fathima
    3Episteme of Bioethics among undergraduate and postgraduate dental students of various Dental Colleges across Tamil Nadu, India - A Cross-Sectional Study. EPRA International Journal of Research and Development (IJRD) 2022;7(7);221-6.Dr. Lubna Fathima
    4Effectiveness of auricular acupressure on smokers for tobacco cessation in Chennai city – An interventional study. Chinese Journal of Medical Genetics 2022; 31 (4): 752-8.Dr. Nanda Balan I, Dr. Indira N, Dr. Lubna Fathima, Dr. Aravinth V
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    8Correlation of Psychological Problems among Various Socio-Economic Groups and its Comparison between Males and Females. IJMDES 2022; 1(6):42–45.Dr. Lubna Fathima
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    10A Systematic Review on Comparative Analysis among the Treatment Modalities of Covid-19 Infection. Journal of Positive School Psychology 2022; 6 (7), 1117–1123.Dr. Lubna Fathima Dr. V Aravinth
  • 2021 Publications

    S No Title of the Publication Author
    1Assessing the Attitude of Parents Towards Various Behaviour Management Techniques Used during Paediatric Dental Treatment: A Cross-sectional Study. JCDR 2021; 15(9). Dr. Aravinth V
    2Prevalence of tobacco consumption among coal mine workers in Neyveli lignite corporation, Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu, India. Tobacco Induced Diseases, 2021;19(1):2.Dr. Nanda Balan I
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  • 2020 Publications

    S No Title of the Publication Author
    1An In-Vitro comparative evaluation of two different fluoride varnishes in the remineralization of artificial caries lesions on human primary and permanent teeth. University Journal of Surgery and Surgical Specialities 2020; 6 (8).Dr. Aravinth V
    2Prevalence of oral mucosal lesions, dental caries, and periodontal disease among patients with systemic lupus erythematosus in a teaching hospital in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. J Family Med Prim Care. 2020 Jul; 9(7): 3374–3380.Dr. Nesa Aurlene
    3The Effectiveness of Health Belief Model as an Educational Intervention in improvement of oral hygiene: A systematic review. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, January 2020, Vol. 11, No. 01Dr. Nesa Aurlene



December 2023

Postgraduate Dr. Kumaresh P won the Best Paper Presentation in the 27th National IAPHD Conference @ SGT University, Gurugram held on December 1st – 3rd 2023.

August 2023

Clinical Society Meet conducted by the Department of Public health Dentistry.

The session was chaired by Dr. Gautham, Prof & Head of Dept of Periodontics and Dr. Charumathy, Prof & Head of Dept of Oral Medicine & Radiology.

Postgraduates Dr. Kumaresh, Dr. Princy Annuncia and Undergraduate students Dr. Amreena, Dr. Mukesh presented papers on various topics of public health significance.

March 2023

Postgraduates Dr. Princy Annuncia & Dr. Kumaresh P won the Best poster awards at the State Level Article Symposium 2023 held at Thai moogambikai Dental College, Chennai in March 2023.

Events & Scientific Presentations


CDE Program on ‘Ethics in Research & Communication skills in Dentistry’

Dr. Anitha, Professor & Head, Public Health Dentistry, Balaji Dental College, Chennai
Dr. Akhila, Professor & Head in charge, Public Health Dentistry, Sri Ramachandra Dental College, Chennai


Drugs Awareness Rally from Madha Dental College Campus to Kundrathur bus stand

Chief guest: Thiru K Adhiveerapandyan TPS, Deputy Commisioner of Police, Tambaram District

Guests of honor:
Thiru A Seenivasan, ACP, Tambaram Range
Thiru D Arokiya Ravindran, ACP, Pallavaram Range

March 2023

World Oral Health Day

Oral Health Screening and Awareness Camp held at ECI Nursery and Primary School, Nandambakkam and Sri Jayendra Saraswati College of Optometry to raise awareness about oral health and its importance on general well being.

Total Patients benefited – 217


World No Tobacco Day

An oral health screening, education and awareness program was held in New Chennai Deaddiction and Rehabilitation Center, Mangadu on 31st May 2023.

Tobacco Cessation Counselling services were provided for patients with tobacco smoking / chewing habits.

Patients benefited – 39

June 2023

School Adoption

Padma Subramaniam Bala Bhavan School, Mangadu was adopted by the Department of Public health dentistry on 21/06/2023.

A Memorandum of understanding was signed by both parties that oral Health Screening, Health Education and treatment services will be provided to the students of the school on a periodic basis.

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